Trip Report Bosnia and Herzegovina

A few pics from our self-drive Bosnia April 2022 trip. (Balkan trip report 1 out of 3). Including:
• Mostar Old Town and Stari Most (Old Bridge)
• Train trip Mostar-Sarajevo-Mostar (rental car parked in Mostar)
• Tunnel of life in Butmir (Sarajevo)
• Latin Bridge (Sarajevo) – where Gavrilo Princip shot Frans Ferdinand (28.6.1914) and started WW1
• Tito Café (Sarajevo)
• Sniper Alley (Sarajevo)
• Random traveler meeting #1 (Mostar)
• Kravica Falls (one hours drive south of Mostar)
DRIVING IN BiH: Is fairly easy. However some roads are narrow and ‘major’ roads pass through villages. Speed varies btw 30-70 km/h and there is a lot of speed control. It is somewhat stressful to continuously having to reduce speed.
PARKING: Metered street parking in Mostar (not sure how that works). We parked in the yard at our guesthouse (for free).
ACCOMMODATION: Great guesthouses in Mostar from 40-80 Bosnian Mark pr night (20-40 Euro) – we paid 20 euro for 4 people at a cozy and nice guesthouse.
FLIGHTS: We flew to Dubrovnik with Norwegian and rented a car from there and drove to Bosnia and Montenegro. You could also fly to Sarajevo or Podgorica and do the same trip.
(All shots taken and edited with iPhone11 Pro.)

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