Serbia 2022 Trip Report

A few pics from our father / daughter trip to Belgrade. I have no idea why there is so relatively few tourists in Belgrade. It is a super nice city, great climate, good sights, fantastic cafes, bars and restaurants and it’s super cheap.


Belgrade sigths: Kalemegdan (park + fortress), Skardaska (cobbled street area), Belgrade Zoo (father+daughter entrance to Zoo total 7 Euro), Cozy restaurants (like Little Bay, Writers Club and Romerquelle), Nikola Tesla Museum, Military Museum, National Museum.

Transport: You can fly direct Copenhagen – Belgrade (2hr10min) with Air Serbia. Return price from 120 Euro. We took the bus from Belgrade to Pristina, Kosovo and back (6hrs45min, 15 Euro).

Accommodation: We stayed in a great private apartment called “Old Town City Center”. Euro 38 pr night. Fantastic value for money and location.

Registration: Super annoyingly its Serbian law that you must register your stay with the authorities within 24hrs of arrival. If you are in a hotel they will do it for you. If you are in an apartment, you are responsible for this (and may need the host to come with you to the police station..). For short stays (less than 15 days) it is very, very unlikely that anyone checks this. We took the chance and no one checked or asked questions (neither at land border nor in airport).

Eating out – Belgrade has amazing cafes and restaurants. Super trendy and cozy. Price examples Little Bay restaurant: Burger: 8 Euro, Braised beef with mashed, mushrooms and sauce: 10 Euro. Draft beer 2 Euro.

Travel article (in Danish) from 2012 Father and son Serbia + Kosovo 2012 visit: here .

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