Top 10 – Worst Countries

Now this list has often gotten me into trouble…obviously every country can be nice and every country has nice people even though they may for various reasons live in a challenged country.

The list below is my very subjective opinion – based on my own personal experience – I appologize if I hereby offend the often very hospitable and welcoming people living in these countries.

  1. Ukraine – Old-school Russian, low service level, a lot of people saying ‘njet’
  2. Marshall Islands – Not much to do, huge problems with alcohol, obessity and drugs.
  3. Nigeria – Boko Haram in the north, huge slums and a lot of problems with corruption and poverty (Lagos was a firendly place though)
  4. Solomon Islands – insanely expensive for both food and public transport, puddles colored red by betel nut everywhere in the capital
  5. Venezuela – Street violence and political unrest. Here I crashed with a bus and watched a fellow backpacker die. In my view the most dangerous country in the world for a plain tourist/backpacker.
  6. Chad – In the capital N’djamena people may chase you all over town if you happen to take a photo of them. The rest of the country outside the capital is presently off limits for most travellers. (many very friendly people there also of course)
  7. Gambia – Corrupt police officers is a big problem. Crossing the transgambian highway (from the north part of Senegal to the South) the road goes through Gambia. Until the bridge will someday be finished expect waiting times of 2-4 days. (The coast is nice though and most people are very friendly.)
  8. Kiribati – Too many people, too hot, too much garbage everywhere, sewerage system spills out in the ocean but ocean current and the half moon shaped size of the main island means that it flots right back (…), possibly for the same reason people are often seen defacating right on the beach (hence not a recommended place for swimming), quite lazy people
  9. North Korea – They will show you only the facade – nice hotels, schools etc – they will of course not show you how people really live, their horrendous prison camps and the way they indoctrinate their people from the day they are born.
  10. Guinea – Conakry the capital is in my opninion the worst city in the world. It is overpopulated and traffic stands almost completely still for hours each day. Police and Military are super corrupt and will demand bribes at many road blocks and check points. (Read my story from Guinea here)

Runner-ups: Central African Republic (CAR), Surinam, Mexico, South Sudan, Northern states of India (Bihar etc.)