Trip report Karpathos, Greece

Family trip to Karpathos, Greece.

A week with pool and beach and a nice hotel (immediately north of the main town Pigadia). Plus a couple of days excursions with a rental car – including an overnight trip to the amazing hill side town of Olympos.

I had no idea Karpathos would be such a great island with so many spectacular photo opportunities. Greece in general is (still) such a wonderful destination. Fantastic, relaxed people with a nice ‘no nonsense’-attitude to them and great food in cozy restaurants.
Note that a lot of things (like car rental) are (still) a lot cheaper if you pay cash on arrival in stead of booking ahead (go figure why..).

As for Covid – it took a lot of testing and filling out (crazy) forms and other stressful things to get there – but nothing (!) was checked on the way there in Copenhagen airport or in Karpathos on arrival (or anywhere else).

On the island everyone was very relaxed, shook hands and hugged us (mainly the kids) and hardly anyone was using face masks (no masks outside – masks were compulsory indoors until recently. We were told that they are now only worn inside on a voluntary basis (?).)
This was my sixth Greek island visit (after Corfu, Paros, Ios, San Torini and Crete) – fortunately there are many islands still to see 😀🗺 🇬🇷

Enjoy the photos – and for trip costs please see last pic in the album.

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